Welcome to the news service on is a transit peering site only. This means it is one of may servers that provides infrastructure for the routing of Usenet posts. Contact me if you would like to establish peering feeds; new peers are always welcome and a part of the mission here. Note that this site does not transit binary newsgroups.

This site does NOT provide newsreader access to the public; if you are an individual that would like to access Usenet newsgroups, GREAT; please establish an account at AIOE or Eternal September. Both of those are free, public-access Usenet services.

Peering is available here via NNTP and, beginning August 30, 2021, via NNCP. Please see our NNCP feed information.

Here you may find:

The contact for this system is John Goerzen.

ToS and abuse handling does not provide newsreader access to the public. You may find the expectations for those that have NNCP feeds from here. These expectations are in line with the terms, which themselves are in line with the Contributor Covenant project. The abuse contact is: abuse ... atsign ...